Whether you are a first time visitor, or a lifelong member; you can expect true sincerity of heart, and warm smiles as you are greeted! We understand that searching for a church is a serious decision, and much prayer goes into finding a godly, pure, and lovely church. Although no church is perfect, they should intricately resemble Heaven more than any other place on Earth. We hope that during your time here, you receive a breath of Heaven's air, a challenging message of help and hope, and most importantly, a touch from Jesus, the King of Kings! We hope you can truly recognize that we take church seriously, and also have a joyful time worshipping the Lord!

               As you endeavor to connect with us, you'll see that our pastor and his wife have tender and compassionate hearts filled with a godly love unmatched in today's world. They are true prayer warriors, and willing vessels that have set themselves apart for God's use. Pastor Stewart has a very visible and close relationship with the Lord, his wife, and the flock. He has a passion for souls, and desires to be a help through God in his leadership. Open Door Baptist Church is a growing family with a great work! The pastor, church, and staff have a high regard for our God, a biblical level-headedness in unity, and a deep love for people in all walks of life. At Open Door Baptist Church, you can expect traditional hymns, practical teaching, and vibrant, God-given sermons from the authorized King James Bible! Although we're imperfect, our standards are parallel to God's. You'll find that we choose to dress in our 'Sunday best' outfits. But, we believe everyone's best may look different. Please come in your best for God as you are, and let God truly change you into His image, in His time! Expect God to captivate your heart while you're here, and allow Him to cultivate a lasting impression in your heart, for life!

               We pray you find the Spirit God, the warmest embrace of family, and the surest, solid foundation of the King James Bible when you join us. We hope it is a true comforting hope being here, a real help, and a heart stirring motivation to serve God more; as you exit into this world. May your heart and mind be uplifted by God Himself, and may He alone direct you back to us!